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Who is paying for the American wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria? I’m not. Are you? I don’t think so. The answer is that your kids and grand kids and their kids will foot the bill. And let me tell you — the bill is a whopper. By the end of next year the price tag for American wars since...
Did Secretary of State Rex Tillerson call Donald Trump a moron in July? NBC television reported that he did and CNN says that they confirmed NBC’s reporting. When Tillerson was asked in an October 4th news conference if he used the M-word to describe the Commander in Chief, Secretary Tillerson said...
My friend Tim, rightfully, points out the words, white supremacy or white supremacist, are being tossed around excessively, since the election of President Trump. (One man’s perspective, L.P. Leader, 10-18-17) Excessively, is my word, not Tim’s.    We are treated to a good quote by a French...
Safe communities require that the police have the trust of the community that they serve and protect. Police-Citizen trust is an ongoing project that Long Prairie Chief of Police has been working on since he came to Long Prairie years ago. “My job here is to keep everybody in the community safe,”...


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