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HF 396: Firearm and Ammunition Storage Requirements

Letter from the sheriff
News Release from Sheriff Allen, regarding letter sent to MN Representatives on HF 396:
Minnesota State Representatives,
I am writing this letter regarding House File 396, Firearm and Ammunition Storage Requirements.
This bill infringes on the rights of lawful gun owners and is a clear overreach of government and the rights of each person to be secure in their homes. This bill will have no positive effect on public safety.
In out-state Minnesota, law enforcement response can be delayed due to the size, geography and staffing. If needed, lawful gun owners would be unable to quickly protect themselves and their families if they needed to retrieve a firearm and ammunition in separate secured areas while also ensuring the safety of their family. This bill will make our communities less safe.
There currently is a statute that addresses Negligent Storage of Firearms MN 609.666. The current statute is appropriate and outlines that leaving a firearm in a location where a person knows or should reasonably know that a child is likely to gain access, unless reasonable action is taken to secure the firearm against access by the child is a gross misdemeanor.
This unnecessary bill, if passed, would make responsible, lawful gun owners, criminals for not locking up their firearms. Lawful gun owners are responsible and can choose the most appropriate way to store their firearm based on their individual situation.
This is an unnecessary, unenforceable bill that I do not support. I respectfully request that you fight against this legislation and vote no.
If you have any questions or would like to discuss more, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Sheriff Mike Allen

Long Prairie Leader

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